Deposit & Withdraw

Interacting with the Autobahn Network requires having TXL in your wallet to make transactions.
To deposit and withdraw TXL between BNB Smart Chain and the Autobahn Network, a bridging solution is, or will, be provided, respectively. To bridge into and out of the Autobahn Network, users will have two options:
  1. 1.
    Native Gateway (will be released soon): A native bridging solution for the Autobahn Network only, available on the Autobahn Network website or a subdomain will launch in the future.
  2. 2.
    Fast Bridge (available asap): The offers a third-party bridging option, the “fast” bridge. Using the fast bridge, which works with deposits into, and withdrawals from, liquidity pools provided in both networks, users can withdraw and deposit in just 1-5 minutes, depending on block times. Due to the nature of some RPCs lagging behind, it may take longer in rare cases. The fast exit will be available for TXL in the beginning, and any other ERC-20 (or ERC-721) token supported by the bridge - if sufficient liquidity is available within