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MTXLT Bridge

MTXLT token holders can bridge their tokens to the Autobahn Network via the one-way Beacon Chain Bridge. Bridging your MTXLT tokens to the Autobahn Network is a direct 1:1000 exchange with TXL (1 MTXTL = 1000 TXL).
You will not be able to bridge back the TXL you received until the Cross-Chain Bridge is live.

Bridging MTXLT to the Autobahn Network

If you haven't already, please set up the Autobahn Network in your Metamask. The network information is available in 'How to Connect?'.
We have funded the bridging address with 5 million TXL tokens. Please check the Autobahn Network Explorer bridging address to ensure enough available tokens to complete your desired bridge amount.
Begin a Beacon Chain transaction and fill in the following sections: - Select 'To' and enter: bnb1wx7vt3jmvslcacjyynvvztzh8jppxz6aqh0n8m (the Autobahn Network Beacon Chain bridging address) - Select 'Recipient' and enter the address to receive the TXL after bridging - Confirm the transaction and send
Caution: Please check token availability before bridging and begin with a test transaction. Tokens sent to an incorrect address can not be retrieved or refunded.
Bridging transactions are executed every hour. Please visit the Autobahn Network Explorer bridging address to confirm if your transaction has been completed.
  • xx:00 check for new deposits
  • xx:10 distribute TXL on Autobahn Network