Autobahn Network Token (TXL)

The TXL token is the fuel for the Autobahn Network.
Thereby TXL stands for "Transaction Lane" (In the past, the symbol "TXL" was utilized as "Tixl", the organization that initially developed the Autobahn Network, the German Tixl Labs Organization, or Tixl gGmbH, respectively. With the project rebranding from Tixl to Autobahn Network, the meaning of TXL has changed from "Tixl" to "Transaction Lane"). TXL is the gas token of the Autobahn Network.
TXL Contract Addresses:
  • Ethereum: 0x8eEF5a82E6Aa222a60F009ac18c24EE12dBf4b41
  • Binance Smart Chain: 0x1ffd0b47127fdd4097e54521c9e2c7f0d66aafc5
  • Polygon: 0x8eef5a82e6aa222a60f009ac18c24ee12dbf4b41
TXL Network Explorers:
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Circulating & Total Supply

The circulating supply for TXL can be defined as all tokens which are not in the treasury anymore and all tokens which are not time-locked in smart contracts.
Current total supply: 599,995,418 TXL
Current circulating supply: 20%

Release Schedule & Locks

A schedule for the future token distribution will be published in the future. The goal is to have a TXL based voting in regards to the allocation of tokens.

TXL Precursor

The Tixl Labs Organization initially launched MTXLT as a BEP-2 token. In autumn 2020, a 1:1000 token split was performed.
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